Advantages of a box spring bed

If you see a boxspring bed compared to other products, it has some advantages that are generally based on the “pocket spring” principle. Basically, the statements that are made regarding box spring beds, based on good quality mattresses.


A box spring bed has optimal ventilation. Likewise pocket spring mattresses. Due to the air circulation inside, the moisture that is released through the skin can escape perfectly. Thus, there is less breeding ground for micro bacteria and mites. In “bad” boxspring beds no air-permeable boxes are built, the fabrics are not breathable and the sheath does not let air through. Thus, each pocket spring mattress and each box spring bed wins against conventional cold foam mattresses. Most of these are foamed as a block and therefore less breathable.


In addition to hygiene or respiratory activity, adaptability also plays a crucial role in achieving healthy sleep. Again, it is quite simple: Are the pocket springs provided with enough turns and high enough, is the base added to this are the number of pocket springs and the sheathing. If I have a good quality mattress, I also have a perfect fit. Again, the cold foam cannot keep up.

However, one must add for the sake of completeness that there are also very optimal cold foam mattresses. However, the zones and the rest of the machining must fit the customer exactly. There is no automatic adjustment like a spring. Take benefits of good mattress for lower back pain.

Pressure relief

Last but not least it is generally good beds or mattresses to relieve pressure.

And here both the box spring bed and the pocket spring mattress must be worked particularly well or elaborately. A pressure relief like a visco foam can rarely reach a mattress with feathers. However, there are mixed forms in which the pocket springs are covered with Visco or gel. Then you are also in this area with box spring beds at the forefront.

Support function

For all pressure relief and softness of a mattress but also the support function must not be ignored. Those who are not sufficiently supported get back pain. And here, too, scores the pocket spring core or the box spring bed. The springs inside provide sufficient support.

Waterbed calming: what is the ideal stabilization?

1. Why does a waterbed stabilize?

A waterbed is stabilized for two reasons: First, the stabilization ensures less movement in the water mattress after you have climbed into bed or are turning around the higher the stabilization, the less post movement.

The second reason is that stabilization also provides additional support. Especially for people with back problems or slightly higher body weight. Then it is pleasant that you do not sink too far into the water mattress and that your body weight is well distributed.

2. How do stabilization mats work in a water mattress?

There are several ways to create different stabilization levels. The most common form is by means of stabilizing fiber mats. In the production of water mattresses, these stabilizing mats are placed in the mattress. They are placed over the entire length and width of the mattress, so they provide ample support everywhere.

The fiber mats are tied together and attached to the bottom of the water mattress so they cannot move or fold. This is not standard at all brands. However, this is the case with waterbed XL.

When filling the water mattress, the fiber mats suck up with water. A soaked fiber mat dampens the movement in the water mattress. The more stabilization mats are processed in the water mattress, the higher the stabilization and the lower the subsequent movement.

3. What levels of calming are there?

The stabilization level of a water bed depends on the number of fiber mats in the water mattress. The more stabilizing mats, the higher the stabilization level. At a higher level of stabilization, the rocking of the water mattress is dampened more quickly and the body is supported more than at a lower level of stabilization.

The waterbeds of XL are available in five stabilization levels:

  • No 0%: 5-8 seconds Rocking after moving or turning over
  • Easy 60%: 2-4 seconds rocking after moving or turning over
  • Medium 80%: 1-2 seconds Rocking after moving or turning over
  • Hard 100% + lumbar support: 0-1 seconds
  • Extra heavy 120% + lumbar support: 0 seconds

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How can a waterbed help with rheumatism?

Do you have a rheumatic disease? Then you probably have muscle and joint problems often. It is very important to sleep well because after a good night’s sleep you can endure the pain and the other symptoms a little better during the day. Here’s how a good mattress can relieve muscle and joint pain in rheumatic diseases.

Waterbeds are not available for very long. In the nineteenth century, the first waterbed was developed to reduce or even prevent the development of bedsores in hospital and rehabilitation patients.

It turned out to be a success. Of course, the waterbed of today looks different than the first waterbed. But the starting points are still the same: the right support and high comfort. So a waterbed can have many benefits for people with rheumatic disease. These are the most important ones:

  • You can heat a waterbed. This is pleasant for joint and muscle problems because heat relaxes and so can relieve muscle and joint pain. Do you suffer from inflammatory pain? Then you can, of course, set the temperature lower.
  • You have no problems with pressure pain or sagging.  The pressure distribution is optimal for a waterbed.
  • A waterbed is individual: you can adjust the hardness, stability, and temperature yourself.

A waterbed can be a good choice if you have a rheumatic disease. However, it is important that you choose a waterbed that suits your wishes, needs, and any movement restrictions. See below for more information. Buy foam mattress comparison now.

Choose a waterbed?

Turning, sitting and getting up can sometimes be a real challenge for people with a rheumatic condition. If a waterbed then also “moves” vigorously, that is particularly tiring. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a water mattress with severe stabilization if you have rheumatism. In a more heavily stabilized waterbed, you also have extra lumbar support that supports a natural posture.

With a double waterbed, you can choose stabilization for each side and adjust the temperature. Your partner can also tailor his / her page to your own preferences.

Although hard side waterbeds are almost unobtainable, we recommend a softside waterbed. The foam rubber cover makes it easy to get in and out of a softside waterbed.

Slatted frames: The quality:

Everyone wants the best possible slatted base for the lowest possible price but how can you recognize a really high-quality slatted frame?

First of all, he should have at least 28 bars, even better are those with 42 bars. Because these slatted frames can better support the mattress lying on them and thus improve the comfortable lying properties of the mattress even more.

In addition, you should – as well as mattresses – pay attention to a division into 5 or 7 zones. These provide, for example, a shoulder zone, which is particularly important for side sleepers, as it allows a greater sinking of the shoulder area. An additional mid-zone reinforcement can improve sleeping comfort once again. More about mid-zone boosting can be found below.

Frequently asked questions about slatted frames

What are the tasks of a slatted frame?

That the mattress does not fall through the bed is by far not the only task of a slatted frame. It represents the spring mattress base and forms a unit with it. Therefore, he is instrumental in the quality of the mattress: We have to perfectly support the elasticity, the breathability and the adaptability of a mattress otherwise, the best mattress will not be fully effective.

A slatted frame thus helps to provide point and support elasticity and to keep the sleeping spine in a straight position and in every sleeping position. In addition, it must allow the air circulation of the mattress and is thus involved in a pleasant sleeping environment.

What is a mid-zone reinforcement and how do I use it?

In the case of a mid-zone reinforcement, two strips are placed one above the other in the center of the slatted frame, ie in the heavily loaded pelvic area, in order to provide increased stability. But that’s not all: there are around 6 – 9 pairs of plastic sliders, each with two slats (one slide per side, the two slats are not glued together or similar). By sliding the sliders apart, the two strips are pressed together more strongly – thus a harder lying is possible. Conversely, pushing the controllers together ensures softer lying. So you can adjust the slatted easily and quickly to your own body weight and the desired lying properties. Find the highest rated mattresses on our site.

Mattresses that best suits to the heavier people

Are you planning to buy a new mattress? If so, you must approach the buying process being wise and considerate. In that regard, one of the key areas of consideration is that of the body weight and the physical features of the sleeper. What perfectly suits the users with average built and body weight, is not suitable for the users who are heavier in their body weight. So, you need to make the differences in the purchase, accordingly.

Heavy people should always opt for the memory foam mattress

Contrary to the usual notion that mattresses made with memory foam don’t offer the right support to the users with higher body weight, the fact is, the foam mattresses made with layered technology is the perfect one for the users with higher body weight. Such mattress can offer the perfect support for the areas like shoulder, spine and back and thus, make the sleeping experience the most fascinating one. 

Heavy people should always pick the mattresses that are temperature regulated

It is a fact that heavier people experience hotter while sleeping. Even if you have the habit of blowing the air conditioner the year long, still, you are ought to feel hotter on the mattress. Hence, rather than opting for the AC, you need to  opt for the mattresses that can regulate the temperature itself and ensure that you have a sound sleep. Ideally, you should opt for the layered mattresses that enhances the air flow and traps lesser heat in its body. 

Heavier people should ideally opt for the edge support mattresses that not only offers some additional support for the excess weight, but, prevents sagging, appearing along the edges of the mattress. This will ensure that the mattress lasts for longer span and you need not to replace it shortly.

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Buying from the best site will always give best experience

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Mattress firmness level: Good or bad for the human body!

In the mattress industry, there exist a number of models and varieties. It is not possible that every consumer demand for a similar mattress. Some would pick memory foam or some would invest in a pillow-top. Similarly, people’s interest varies according to their needs or wants. If you’re suffering from any health condition, then you’re likely to pick a mattress which adds cure to your health problem.

Benefits of a hard or firm surface

Are you resting upon a firmer mattress during the night-time? Have you checked the coil density with the mattress model? The people who are not suffering from any back-pain condition can invest in a firm mattress. When sleeping on such a surface, there is a good improvement in muscles releasing of stress. It is beneficial for the arteries and veins also getting rid of pressure while sleeping hours.

Are you willing to sleep on a mattress that improves the circulation level within your body? In such a case, the firm models have excelled. It is a great way to avoid any collapsing situation and avoid lower back pain conditions. The breathing process gets improved and you get more oxygen during the sleep. There is a reduction in sagging which ultimately focuses on the even distribution of body weight. This reduces any particular body part to feel the maximum pressure.

Drawbacks of a hard or firm surface

Are you switching from a comfortable surface to a firm level? In such a case, you’ll feel the most discomfort which will ultimately result in a disturbance within your sleep hours. With the passage of time, you can adjust to the firmness level. Are you suffering from severe back pain? Do you have problems like scoliosis or arthritis? Such people can worsen their pain by lying on a firm mattress. So, it is better if you lie on a smooth or comfortable mattress surface.

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