Advantages of a box spring bed

If you see a boxspring bed compared to other products, it has some advantages that are generally based on the “pocket spring” principle. Basically, the statements that are made regarding box spring beds, based on good quality mattresses.


A box spring bed has optimal ventilation. Likewise pocket spring mattresses. Due to the air circulation inside, the moisture that is released through the skin can escape perfectly. Thus, there is less breeding ground for micro bacteria and mites. In “bad” boxspring beds no air-permeable boxes are built, the fabrics are not breathable and the sheath does not let air through. Thus, each pocket spring mattress and each box spring bed wins against conventional cold foam mattresses. Most of these are foamed as a block and therefore less breathable.


In addition to hygiene or respiratory activity, adaptability also plays a crucial role in achieving healthy sleep. Again, it is quite simple: Are the pocket springs provided with enough turns and high enough, is the base added to this are the number of pocket springs and the sheathing. If I have a good quality mattress, I also have a perfect fit. Again, the cold foam cannot keep up.

However, one must add for the sake of completeness that there are also very optimal cold foam mattresses. However, the zones and the rest of the machining must fit the customer exactly. There is no automatic adjustment like a spring. Take benefits of good mattress for lower back pain.

Pressure relief

Last but not least it is generally good beds or mattresses to relieve pressure.

And here both the box spring bed and the pocket spring mattress must be worked particularly well or elaborately. A pressure relief like a visco foam can rarely reach a mattress with feathers. However, there are mixed forms in which the pocket springs are covered with Visco or gel. Then you are also in this area with box spring beds at the forefront.

Support function

For all pressure relief and softness of a mattress but also the support function must not be ignored. Those who are not sufficiently supported get back pain. And here, too, scores the pocket spring core or the box spring bed. The springs inside provide sufficient support.