How can a waterbed help with rheumatism?

Do you have a rheumatic disease? Then you probably have muscle and joint problems often. It is very important to sleep well because after a good night’s sleep you can endure the pain and the other symptoms a little better during the day. Here’s how a good mattress can relieve muscle and joint pain in rheumatic diseases.

Waterbeds are not available for very long. In the nineteenth century, the first waterbed was developed to reduce or even prevent the development of bedsores in hospital and rehabilitation patients.

It turned out to be a success. Of course, the waterbed of today looks different than the first waterbed. But the starting points are still the same: the right support and high comfort. So a waterbed can have many benefits for people with rheumatic disease. These are the most important ones:

  • You can heat a waterbed. This is pleasant for joint and muscle problems because heat relaxes and so can relieve muscle and joint pain. Do you suffer from inflammatory pain? Then you can, of course, set the temperature lower.
  • You have no problems with pressure pain or sagging.  The pressure distribution is optimal for a waterbed.
  • A waterbed is individual: you can adjust the hardness, stability, and temperature yourself.

A waterbed can be a good choice if you have a rheumatic disease. However, it is important that you choose a waterbed that suits your wishes, needs, and any movement restrictions. See below for more information. Buy foam mattress comparison now.

Choose a waterbed?

Turning, sitting and getting up can sometimes be a real challenge for people with a rheumatic condition. If a waterbed then also “moves” vigorously, that is particularly tiring. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a water mattress with severe stabilization if you have rheumatism. In a more heavily stabilized waterbed, you also have extra lumbar support that supports a natural posture.

With a double waterbed, you can choose stabilization for each side and adjust the temperature. Your partner can also tailor his / her page to your own preferences.

Although hard side waterbeds are almost unobtainable, we recommend a softside waterbed. The foam rubber cover makes it easy to get in and out of a softside waterbed.