Slatted frames: The quality:

Everyone wants the best possible slatted base for the lowest possible price but how can you recognize a really high-quality slatted frame?

First of all, he should have at least 28 bars, even better are those with 42 bars. Because these slatted frames can better support the mattress lying on them and thus improve the comfortable lying properties of the mattress even more.

In addition, you should – as well as mattresses – pay attention to a division into 5 or 7 zones. These provide, for example, a shoulder zone, which is particularly important for side sleepers, as it allows a greater sinking of the shoulder area. An additional mid-zone reinforcement can improve sleeping comfort once again. More about mid-zone boosting can be found below.

Frequently asked questions about slatted frames

What are the tasks of a slatted frame?

That the mattress does not fall through the bed is by far not the only task of a slatted frame. It represents the spring mattress base and forms a unit with it. Therefore, he is instrumental in the quality of the mattress: We have to perfectly support the elasticity, the breathability and the adaptability of a mattress otherwise, the best mattress will not be fully effective.

A slatted frame thus helps to provide point and support elasticity and to keep the sleeping spine in a straight position and in every sleeping position. In addition, it must allow the air circulation of the mattress and is thus involved in a pleasant sleeping environment.

What is a mid-zone reinforcement and how do I use it?

In the case of a mid-zone reinforcement, two strips are placed one above the other in the center of the slatted frame, ie in the heavily loaded pelvic area, in order to provide increased stability. But that’s not all: there are around 6 – 9 pairs of plastic sliders, each with two slats (one slide per side, the two slats are not glued together or similar). By sliding the sliders apart, the two strips are pressed together more strongly – thus a harder lying is possible. Conversely, pushing the controllers together ensures softer lying. So you can adjust the slatted easily and quickly to your own body weight and the desired lying properties. Find the highest rated mattresses on our site.