Waterbed calming: what is the ideal stabilization?

1. Why does a waterbed stabilize?

A waterbed is stabilized for two reasons: First, the stabilization ensures less movement in the water mattress after you have climbed into bed or are turning around the higher the stabilization, the less post movement.

The second reason is that stabilization also provides additional support. Especially for people with back problems or slightly higher body weight. Then it is pleasant that you do not sink too far into the water mattress and that your body weight is well distributed.

2. How do stabilization mats work in a water mattress?

There are several ways to create different stabilization levels. The most common form is by means of stabilizing fiber mats. In the production of water mattresses, these stabilizing mats are placed in the mattress. They are placed over the entire length and width of the mattress, so they provide ample support everywhere.

The fiber mats are tied together and attached to the bottom of the water mattress so they cannot move or fold. This is not standard at all brands. However, this is the case with waterbed XL.

When filling the water mattress, the fiber mats suck up with water. A soaked fiber mat dampens the movement in the water mattress. The more stabilization mats are processed in the water mattress, the higher the stabilization and the lower the subsequent movement.

3. What levels of calming are there?

The stabilization level of a water bed depends on the number of fiber mats in the water mattress. The more stabilizing mats, the higher the stabilization level. At a higher level of stabilization, the rocking of the water mattress is dampened more quickly and the body is supported more than at a lower level of stabilization.

The waterbeds of XL are available in five stabilization levels:

  • No 0%: 5-8 seconds Rocking after moving or turning over
  • Easy 60%: 2-4 seconds rocking after moving or turning over
  • Medium 80%: 1-2 seconds Rocking after moving or turning over
  • Hard 100% + lumbar support: 0-1 seconds
  • Extra heavy 120% + lumbar support: 0 seconds

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